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Rave: Early Deliveries!


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A nice feeling (albiet a tad inconvient at times) is when you order something from another country/state/far away and the thing you ordered arrives 4 days earlier than the estimated delivery time! That's speedy service in my books! (Imported French goodies <3)

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18 hours ago, Sylver said:

If I ever started up a business, I'd try to set the 'estimated' time of delivery a bit later than expected (in some situations). Nothing dramatic, but enough to make them happy or pleased. They would then associate that feeling with my service, and that's good for me. You literally just need to change a single digit, which is interesting.

Under promise and over deliver. Definitely better than the other way around!

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it is inconvenient when you live with other people and order something lewd and or embarrassing, and you specifically schedule it so it arrives when you will be alone, but then it comes early and ruins everything

not cool

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Was hoping that would happen today, but nope D:

But it IS pretty awesome when it does happen, unless its' something lewd like @Zerig said and it shows up when family/friends are around to see the package.

"Oh what did you order?"


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1 hour ago, Alexxx-Returns said:

You know what's kinda fun in an I-really-need-to-get-a-life kind of way? If you have multiple packages coming, try and guess what order they're gonna arrive in.

I could do a monologue on this.

"It was a quiet little block I grew up on.

Every day, the FedEx man would come around at 2, bringing the nice stuff.

Then at 3 came the postal person, ready to stuff our boxes and judge our doorstep.

Then most times around 4 would come the UPS lady; she always seemed to be bothered by something."

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