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Federal Judge rules FSMism is not a real reilgion


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At least that judge was also smart enough to see what FSMism is really supposed to be.
However, if a group of people meet weekly to discuss a beliefsystem, even if it is fake, that should still count as a religion. I mean, FSMism is just as fake as the other religions. FSMism is a parody of other religions while those other religions just abuse followers for power and personal profit. They are just WAY older.

We also recently had a similar case here in Germany. The pastafarians install signs near city entrances to make people aware of their weekly mass. Christian denominations have been doing this since forever ago and now they just want to be treated the same way.

This is what these signs look like:


However, a judge ruled that in a city in Brandenburg the pastafarians aren't allowed to hang up their own signs. The ministry that is responsible for road maintanance canceled an arrangement with the "church" that allowed them to hang up the signs and the pastafarians sued the ministry claiming that they should have the same rights as other religions.

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Blaspheme! How dare they claim my god is not real. >:C I make a plate of Spaghetti & Meatballs every morning - to give thanks - and pay tribute to my god, The Flying Spaghetti Monster. May he one day come and bring spaghetti and meatballs to all.   

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