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The "Request-A-Pic" Thread.


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I do remember a thread like this on the old forums, probably with a better title.

So, by all means, this is a place where you can request things, just rules and some notes now -

- This isn't a Draw User Above You Thread, though you can do that, you are requesting, not the 'anything goes' in the Draw User Above You Thread.

- Don't get too extreme in the requests like "I want a five chocobos orgy, 30 second deadline tops, full shaded, do it!" i.e. keep it simple.

- Don't expect to be or your request to be drawn.

- Don't hold places.

- Make sure if you are doing a request, maybe quote the person who asked for it.

- Also when you are doing a request, maybe keep this page open and refreshed as to see if no one beats you to the request.

- Keep the requests appropriate and considerate of others, this is to be said of NSFW requests too, more on that below.

- You can ask for NSFW requests, but note that this forum is PG-13, so link it as a clear NSFW tagged pic, not attach it, egad.

- When asking for a NSFW, be simplistic and PG-13ish if that's possible.

- You can ask for your character to be done, but do so as sparingly as possible, that is not what this thread aims to be.

- (Note) - This aims to be a random request thread, so any random and maybe humorous thing that comes across your head (while being forum appropriate) should be acceptable

- If you 'like' a post, just click like. I know it may sound harsh, but liking something and commenting on it elsewhere seems a little more convenient and hopefully will move this thread along. Again, this is up to you.

A format you could follow for a request -

Content rating of what you're requesting - (General, Mature, Adult)

The nitty gritty, maybe lewd ideas of what you're requesting. 

I'll start by asking for a craze-faced monkey using bananas as sort of guns with banana 'bullets' firing.

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