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Anyone able/willing to do this thing for me?


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I considered putting this in Art Exchange, but I'm not exactly asking for art so here goes.

So what I am looking for, is an image file of the wall design from The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time's Shadow Temple. You know, the one with the creepy smiling face, that you see first thing as you go in the temple?

I'm looking for an image of the N64 version, not the 3DS version. What I am wanting this image for is to put on pin badges, flesh plugs, and whatever else can be customised with uploadable image files. I really, really fucking love this design. I think it's adorable in a strange way. I even considered getting it as a tattoo, but my parents would literally kill me if I got something that "ugly" as a tattoo.

So you'll say "Alex, why not go on Google images and find it yourself?" Well, I did. The problem is that the image has to be screencapped when facing the wall dead on. There's only 1 image on there that I could find that was exactly this and everything else, but the problem is that the image itself is far too tiny to use for anything. I tried uploading it to the flesh plug site anyway since I only take a 10mm plug and the image is probably close to 10mm square anyway, but it came out at stupidly low resolution, so I couldn't use it.

Then you'll say "You have an emulator, why not take the screencap again?" And again, I started it all up to go and do this, because it's the easiest thing to do. But since I got a new laptop and moved all my stuff over, the save files for all my games didn't transfer over, so I'd need to start a new game on OOT, play all the way through to Shadow Temple, and then take the screencap. I can't do that with exams coming up and needing to revise all the time.

So basially the tl;dr is, if anyone has Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time on emulator and would be happy to take a good screencap of this particular thing, that would be so darn awesome.

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53 minutes ago, Photoshop Amateur said:

I'm going to regret this but


What's a flesh plug?

Also do you mean this door wall thing?


Lmao, its not some creepy sex toy bro. Its actually just a piercing plug, for the earlobe, you know the ones? You could google 'ear gauges/plugs' if you were remotelu curious

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3 hours ago, 6tails said:





This was fun, because a trick many N64 games use is mirrored textures to save on video memory usage. This means only one half of the texture actually exists and you have to build the full thing yourself.

Thank you so much!!!! I was having so much trouble opening up a save state I was about to give up

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