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Bloody Noses


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I don't know about you guys, but I'm plagued with bloody noses. The most common time I get them is when I'm sleeping or trying to sleep and those are when they're the worst. My brain is yelling at me for waking when I wasn't supposed to while I'm desperately trying to stop the bleeding. It's not a pleasant experience.

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Have you tried seeing a doctor about it?
I used to have these nearly every night during the summer and it turned out that there was actually some kind of small wound in my nose.
The doctor prescribed me nasal ointment and I haven't had any bleeding for a long time.

33 minutes ago, Nova said:

Omg i am jealous of you.

I never had nose bleed. Seriously i mean it. I always wondered how it feels like.

Here's how it feels like when this happens while you're trying to do something important in public:

Absolutely horrible.


Extra horribleness points when you're filling in paperwork and you get blood all over it.

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A lot of my nosebleeds occur when the temperature suddenly goes from really warm to really cold.

Like it has sometimes triggered when I've got in the bath during winter which is pretty damn annoying, these type of bleeds can last for about 5 minutes, though it has gone on for 10minutes once :<

But these are a rare occurrence for me.

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