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Howdy there! Welcome to Phoenixed!

Emory = Enamored does seem like a bit of stretch. How about Enammy? No, that sound too much like 'enemy'. Maybe we can shorten it a bit; maybe drop the y and some other stuff. Enma! ...You know what? Let's go ahead and go with Emory after all. Yeah, Emory is fine.

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Ok, ok, you pulled my arm ;3 Ill tell a story. So I go to the dentist for a checkup. A nurse tells me to come back and sit in the chair while they wait for a doctor. She leaves and a new one walks in a few minutes later and tells me to open wide while we make idle conversation and he pokes around my teeth. After a few minutes he comments on tough school is and how he wishes he had not dropped out. This occurs to me as a strange comment and I grunt in confusion (my mouth still has his tools in it). He sighs and says, I always wanted to be a real dentist right as the real dentist walks in. He runs out of the room laughing. The doctor asks me who that was and why he was wearing scrubs since he does not work there. good thing I did not make him mad. :P Also have another real story about my mother's dentist from when she was a kid who wrecked her teeth with a drill sued the company over it.

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