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I just want the fighting to stop

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My mom and her boyfriend have been fighting so much for the past 2 week,s I just want it to end it starts by him getting upset and starting to cry and she starts t yell at him and then he cries harder and she yells more and he cries more and more and she yells more because she doens't fucking shut up and I'm stuck in my room with no fucking escape and I just want to die

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Just now, Sylver said:

I don't know what kind of person your mum is. If it were my mum (hellfire incarnate), I'd get up and walk out the front door regardless. If she yelled at me or asked where I was going, I'd tell her to either stop screaming because it's bothering me, or she can go back inside and continue screaming while I'm out for a walk.

Idk. Only do what you think is safe to do. That was what worked for me in my situation; I analyzed it carefully and understood how it would play out. If you'd like to go for a walk, but don't think it's possible to leave without something really bad happening, then don't. Again, you know your situation best

My mom thinks she's so smart. She thinks she knows everything about psychology. She thinks she knows everything about me. She thinks she's fucking perfect. But time and fucking time again I'm starting to learn that's she's fucking awful. She has no fucking clue what she's talking about. She doesn't talk things out calmly with her boyfriend like a ~psychologist~, something she wants to be, would do. She just fucking yells and makes it all about herself. Everything is about herself. When I tried to kill myself, she made it about herself. When I told her I was afraid I might have a mental illness, she had the fucking guts to say "You want something to be wrong with you so badly". She really does care about me but there's also a side to her that's just fucking disgusting.

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6 hours ago, Ricky said:

I moved out.

Also, psychology isn't a real science.

...and youre homeless

6 hours ago, Sylver said:

I was 10 =/ though that didn't stop me from fantasizing about running away and becoming homeless... I was a real dolt

and he's homeless



Although to be fair between living with an abusive family and living nowhere the option of nowhere is great

Depends on the level or risk living at home vs moving out

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