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RAVE: Life after vitamin B12


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So some point near the end of last year, I posted a thread asking if I should see a doctor on account of me bloating like a balloon whenever I eat. The response was a resounding "yes". So I went, and I got blood tests for digestive issues, and gave in all sorts of samples, and the results came back that I had IBS, because the blood/poo work had ruled out everything else. So the bloating was very unfortunately incurable, just peppermint oil capsules and low FODMAP foods for however long I still want to try and look hot for.

The blood work also found out that I was anaemic. So, I went through the system for this. More blood tests found out it was because of a vitamin B12 deficiency (oddly enough, deficient in this and this alone, even more oddly, I eat plenty of meat which is where most of it comes from in the diet). More blood tests found out that it WASN'T pernicious anaemia, so I was given an appointment at the hospital because at this point, while for some reason I was no long anaemic, why I was deficient in B12 was a complete mystery. I was booked in for a colonoscopy which investigated the terminal ileum (where B12 is absorbed in the intestine), and all the biopsies for that came back normal, so it was even more of a mystery.

So I guess it's just been put down to being "one of those things", and I've been prescribed B12 shots. I had my first one on Thursday, and I have the next one on Friday and the next the Friday after that (I need 3 in a space of 2 weeks, and one every 3 months after that), and quite honestly, I feel great.

I've been waking up earlier and I feel less tired. I feel like my muscles are more tolerant of exercise- I ran 1.3 miles the other day and again today, which is the furthest I've ever ran in my ENTIRE LIFE. You know sometimes you get so used to a certain state of being, you think it's normal? I can't believe I used to live so tired and everything and thought it was how everyone went about their day.

So yeah, I feel like I have a new lease on life now.

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11 minutes ago, Jtrekkie said:

Hey, that's really great! 

Is there anything you need to do to stay on top of it, though?  Other than the shots?

It's probably worth getting a blood test every blue moon to see what my levels are doing, but other than that, just a good diet and overall healthy lifestyle, as with anything else

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