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Back for another round


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Finally, I've decided to make an account on our new forums. I've been aware of it for a few days by now, but I was just a bit lazy, I guess.

For those who are new or those who didn't notice on the old FaF (Good job.) My name is PhoenixDragon and I'm a 14 years old male from West Quebec, near the Quebec/Ontario border.

I am usually a calm, introverted and mature person, but I can laugh. (Obviously.)

I do not have thousands of interests. Reading, Music (EDM and Metal), Baseball, Gaming. Simple as that.

The things I dislike? Immaturity, Disrespect, Hypocrisy and any one that is close-minded. And I also don't like flashy colors.

The things I fear the most? Death. Crowds. Heights. Open spaces, and also close spaces. That means that I have Agoraphobia AND Claustrophobia. Amazing.

As always, I'm open to anyone who would like to talk to me. Ask my Skype ID anytime. ^^

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Welcome to the phoenix PhoenixDragon, hope you enjoy the new forums.

I'm intrigued by one thing, why do you call yourself PhoenixDragon when your sona is a fox?

I had the name "PhoenixDragon" before joining the fandom/getting my sona, and I kept the name.

eyo phoenix. wazzup? : D

What's up? I got older than last time :D

Hello, person who's username matches the forum name

Hello, person who's username matches the thing I walk on

Hello. c:

Hai. c:

hello there phoenix and welcome back. Good to meet another furry who values maturity ^_^

Hey, Husky. You're telling me that I'm not the only one? :o (:v)

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