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The Big Discord Sharethread


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This is a thread for posting your own personally-run Discord servers and user handles.
None of the servers posted are officially managed or endorsed by site staff. If you want the staff-run official server, it's listed [here].

All servers posted MUST NOT:

  • freely allow minors to access or engage in pornographic material or discussions
  • host, share, or encourage any illegal materials or actions, including but not limited to: child pornography and acts of bestiality
  • encourage or allow the stalking, sexual harassment, or personal harm of site members

Additionally, all servers hosting nsfw material or discussions MUST be labeled as such.

If a server you've joined violates any of the above rules, you may contact me (with proof) via PMs or on Discord, and I'll remove it from the thread.
Servers that I am already aware violate the above rules will also be removed from the thread.

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I have a whole thread on it but I'll share it on here too

FRETV Chat is a server I run for my movie streams that involve watching bad movies with furry/animal characters. The server is mostly to have everyone in an organized space and give fast updates on when a stream is about to begin as well as other announcements. There are multiple channels for general discussion, video linking, music sharing, video game talk, movie recommendations, and nsfw discussions.

The nsfw channel can only be viewed by those who are 18 and up. Once you join the server, unless you give proof of your age to me via PM or in the chat itself, then you'll be automatically put under the role for underage and locked out of the nsfw channel until proven otherwise.

The link to the server

My Discord handle if you have any questions is: Dev-Furry Jesus#0247

Hope to see you there :3


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