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Exceptions to Your Musical Interests


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Talk about songs you like in which the genre or artist is not really your usually thing. Not "guilty pleasures" but songs that just contrast your usual tastes.

I'm not a metal guy. Like at all. Particularly with vocals. But I've liked Disturbed since I heard Decadence in Most Wanted back in the GameCube days. I don't know what it is, but I find it very palatable for how edgy it can be.


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I tend to like very high energy with music, regardless of what genre it is. It needs to be powerful. There needs to be highs and lows and variation.

Things that are generally way too "flat" for me, but I like anyway:





Other than sound alone, I like some Fallout Boy songs, some Three Days Grace, some Nickelback, and some Britney Spears.

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