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Rave: can still vote on the Rassah ban thread for some reason.


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This forum confuses the hell outta me sometimes with the way it works.

I still get butthurt when I'm trying to use BBC coding and then suddenly I'm looking at a blown up picture with tiny text image tags on either side.

Like what do you want from me oh demon chatboxxxxxxxx

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2 hours ago, PastryOfApathy said:

We can't ban Rassah. I mean where else would he go?

We're like the only thing stopping him from killing himself, we'd have blood on our hands.

He'd go to his palatial mansion in the Caribbean, made entirely out of computers that display his vast wealth for all to see.

He has a bed made out of huge golden schlongs. I told him I wanted to jump on it and he told me to get back outside and plant those begonias, you nasty ass-clown. 

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9 hours ago, AshleyAshes said:

Cause they're living it up, homeless style.  He's jealous of fortunate they are!

fuck yeah man homeless is the way to go breh

just right for folks who love stale bread and heroin addiction

because lets admit it, you aint hungry on all that dope

and if you were youd steal anyway because fuck stale bread and prison food leftovers from the shelter




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