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Good, old-fashioned introduction

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Name's Josh. I love music, gaming, and basketball. Favorite team is the OKC Thunder. My favorite game is probably Rainbow Six Siege. I play the drums in a jazz band as well. I'm not actually a furry but I think you guys are off the chain, so why not mingle. If I was a furry, I'd probably be a deer because, that's my last name! Hope to be here awhile. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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1 minute ago, Thundeere said:


Oh. I like to stare at lava lamps, they turn me on. I don't watch porn because my friends would destroy me. I place my controller on my pee wee while it vibrates. It's like crack to me...

So you really don't like... have any furry crushes? >w>


I really like ones with really cute tails >.<

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3 minutes ago, Rabbit Head said:

Don't worry about not being a furry. We'll drag you down to our level soon enough! :P

I don't think that my social status would allow that. That would require me to disappear

1 minute ago, Toshabi said:

So you really don't like... have any furry crushes? >w>


I really like ones with really cute tails >.<

I've never seen genuine furry art before so I'm not sure. If I had a crush, it might be in the "cute tail" direction I guess...

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44 minutes ago, LazerMaster5 said:

>claims to not be a furry

>has FA account

Oh really?

To answer your question:

I think you guys are pretty awesome people. Your parties look fun. I have considered VOLUNTEERING at a con in Colorado but I don't know when or where. I considered becoming a furry in the past, no doubt, but I don't think my social status would allow that. If I truly want to "transition" into the fandom, I wouldn't do it alone. If I go down, someone's coming with me.

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