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seeing as all the accounts have been reset (losing my sig quote of a mod asking to be yiffed tenderly) i might as well start a new topic...


so how many of you strange internet freaks like pink floyd? and whats your favorite album or track?

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are you comparing rise against to pink floyd


pink floyd is some real shit

look at the meaning behind their songs on the animals album, and the entire The Wall album

their song "sheep" is some real shit, that's my fave. it's a song about police and citizens. the citizens are sheep, the dogs are the police lulling them into a false sense of security, while herding them to the shepherd's slaughter. in the end, the citizens revolt against it and kill the shepherd, but go back to following the dogs around.

dogs is also fantastic

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Bit of a weird thing to randomly and generally say in a thread where people are explaining what their favourite PF songs/albums are, but I'm sure there's some logic behind it.


Carry on.


edit: for clarification, my reasoning for being on the defense is that there's a lot of shots fired in the PF "fanclub". There are people who claim you're not a true fan if you don't like X, Y and Z songs or albums, and then there are the people who have 3 DSoTM shirts in their closet and yet have never listened to a single PF song aside from maybe "Money" on the radio, wearing it but not really listening to the band at all (this is becoming a trend with The Beatles as a cult icon)

the PF snobs who claim you're "not a true fan" for not liking certain albums really grind my gears.

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