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There is an old saying in Japan. “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.” My grandfather used to say it all the time. I did a lot of things with nails when my grandfather was around. We demolished things and we built things. He tried to teach me how to hammer a nail in one blow. He would set the nail with a tap and then “bang” the nail would be perfectly flush in the wood without leaving any marks. I tried for years with my little hands to get it right. I got better as I got older but I never got to the point where I could do it the way he did.

My grandfather was in his own odd way a non-conformist and that was a strange thing. Japanese people conform as part of their culture. There was no mold you could fit the mean old man into. Grandpa was tough as nails and had a dark sense of humour. He spent his youth in a prisoner of war camp after the government took away everything he owned. My mom was born in that camp. He left the camp at the end of the war with five dollars, a wife, and a newborn. He re-started his life with almost nothing. When he died he was a millionaire.

In a lot of ways I’m more like my grandfather than any other members of my family. The lesson of the nail never became clear to me until later in life. I didn’t conform and I’m not sure if it was by choice or by fate. I was the nail that got hammered down. I still remember being picked on and threatened. I knew a fight was coming so I’d just yell at them “come on and hit me!” Still to this day for better or worse I’m the kind of person to stand up when others would rather remain unseen and I’d take whatever was coming. A nail knows it is going to be hit. That is why it exists.

I don’t think this is being brave. It is just doing what a nail does. It gets hammered down and when enough nails have stood up and been hammered down you’ve built something. Nails are tough and they are what hold everything together. Without nails a structure would fall apart. I’ve made some pretty amazing things in my life. I couldn’t have done any of it if I didn’t stick out but I don’t think I stuck out because I wanted to. I think it was just in my nature.

This post is dedicated to my fellow nails. I know lots of people here stick out not because they want to but because they can’t help it. We should all go out together some time and get hammered… In a good way.

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I used to have a phrase "Keep on keeping on"

My favorite music would follow the same theme; never give up, keep going, dont give in

Its something I live by, and something I wish others would too



As others have said, your posts hardly necessitate a reply, tbh I think its because where speechless at your writing.

At the risk of bringing up an old friend, your verboseness reminds me of Red, and how she used to post deep, meaningful reflections of her life and her sense of self, rather than just simple, unemotional ramblings.


Its something that brings something fresh to the forums and I honestly enjoy a well written post now and then


...however, Im waiting for the obligatory innuendo, Im sure furries enjoy getting nailed as much as screwed

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22 hours ago, DrDingo said:

You know, your posts are really inspiring, whether they mean to be or not.

I post them for whoever wants to read them. I'm glad you find them inspirational. 

22 hours ago, Wax said:

It's almost hard to believe this is coming from the real Buck! xD

Yeah, it's almost like I go to the best blogs and just cut and paste stuff here and pretend I wrote it. 

19 hours ago, Endless/Nameless said:



This is a Good PostⓇ


17 hours ago, WolfNightV4X1 said:

At the risk of bringing up an old friend, your verboseness reminds me of Red, and how she used to post deep, meaningful reflections of her life and her sense of self, rather than just simple, unemotional ramblings.

That person seemed to be very popular on the forums. I was not on the forum when they were around. I don't think I can aspire to that level of popularity as I am incredibly unpopular. I take your comparison as a compliment and wish you fond memories of your friend. 

16 hours ago, Sylver said:

I learned that asking too many questions, in general, is a social taboo. If you ask questions, you must have learning difficulties or be pro-whatever because all the other kids 'understand'. No, they don't, they have learned a response and accepted it as true - that is not understanding.

I've seen this myself. There are truths in life spoken and unspoken. 

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The bigger question is, would you rather be the nail that holds everything together, or the one that allows everything to fall apart?

I'm sure I'd be in a much worse position now if it weren't for all the nails that held me together...  

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