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Number of species drawn.


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Seeing as most people seem to be good at drawing certain species more than others.

How many different species of animal have you drawn or otherwise made art of? Including fictional ones, doesn't matter if anthro or not.

I myself have done 6 or 7 IIRC


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Lets see... I've drawn:



Feral wolves

Anthro wolves


Traditional dragons

Anthro dragons

Unique Monster species




Robot goats




Bears, oh my


Geometric Foxes

WW1 German flag-sona


Various pokemon sonas including... totodile, croconaw, feraligatr, zoroark, a totodile zoroark lovechild abomination, blastoise, venusaur, charizard, pikachu, and rayquaza




So I guess... 23? If you don't count different pokemon as different species. Though I suppose the ferals and anthros could be lumped together as single species also... hmmm. I blame the comic thread for around half of these. <;

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I've made cute girls out of a lot of varied things.

Cats, dogs, humans, pig, bats, ant, roach, mouse, sloth, VW Beetle inspired robot beetle girl, robot dog, Motobug, Ga (Sonic CD), gummi worm, creepy dolls, snakes, birds, cyclops, snails, squids, horse, goodra, monkey, furfrou, Emperor Demon Gyaba, foxes, xenomorph, Risk of Rain imp,  Kyogre, Bandicoot, ghost, Cacodemon, cyclops camera bot girl, Paint Roller (Kirby), Eyegore, Bubble (Zelda), Armos, Baku Baba, Pianta, zombie, rabbits, lizards, birds, kobolds, Watinga, goats, River Zoras, Mega Lopunny, Lucario, and whatever the fuck this girl is...

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I find it odd not to have drawn or have attempted to drawn every specie myself, even if I did specialize in popular species such as canids, felids, dragons, and whatnot. Just...I cant recall never having not drawn anything at least once; pigs, bison, ferrets, butterfly, dragonfly, fly, civet, aye aye, special snowflakes

I find it weird to be an artist and not have attempted it all...even if Im a bad artist by artist standards, I draw lots of animals. Even humans, although I do them less, and oddly enough Im better at every other species under the sun rather than humans, which are all so varied in itself...


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