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2 hours ago, Mr. Fox said:

Another fox is always welcomed. Gotta drown out all those inferior peasants after all...

Ha! Fossas and skunks shall rule the earth, and you foxes shall serve as our slaves, in humble obedience to our every wish and whim, no matter how depraved!


14 hours ago, Glowing Glass said:

Hi there. 

Im a furry

On furrums 

Hiding from people

That are calling me gay

Help :v

Hey there, welcome! Well, maybe not slaves...just certain foxes, I 'reckon. Hope ya fun here.

Also, why are ya hiding? Lots of people are gay. I mean, gay is pretty much the new straight.



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8 minutes ago, Glowing Glass said:

Where I live people tend to be... homophobic to say the least.

Ah, that can be hard. I grew up in a small town, way out in the country, and it was tough. Now, in Maryland, it's no big deal, seems almost kinda normal, to see guys or girls holding hands and stuff, around DC/Baltimore. Seems odd, still, never would have thought this would be as common as it is. Funny, too, how parts of the country are still so much different; the coasts seem to have more diversity, and when ya get away from the coasts, it seems to get weirder. 

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