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You know, I don't believe I ever told you the story of when I first learned about furries on the internet. It's not a great story, but it's the journey and not the destination as they say. It was on an old internet website I can't quite remember the name of that I happened upon. Now in those days furries were know as Skunk Fu...uh, Skunk Fans... yeah that's it... This is important to remember, but I'll get to why later on. Now, when I was younger we didn't have very good internet. We had dial-up. Reaaaally old dial-up. And... wait, wait no I already told this one before. Did I tell the one about how I used to login to websites both ways up hill? Hmm, I think I told that one too. The one about how I ran for forum moderator? Nah, I don't think we can do that one just yet. Ok, I got it! Now, there once was a man from a big old corporation. One day, after about 6 years working for them he went to the break room and found a pile of fortune cookies. Cracking one open revealed his fortune: "A cheerful message is on its way to you." He shrugged, ate the cookie and got some water. When he went back to his desk an email notice popped up. He read the email which informed him we was to get a raise! About 3 months later, after everything had been processed, he received a a 6% pay increase and was raised from a C3 to a C2. After 3 more months, he learned what a C2 actually is and that it made no real difference in his work. The end.

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