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Streamer Dies During 24-hour Charity Stream


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1 minute ago, Nova said:

Hmm well considering he was  really long awake with no sleep no wonder that happened. The saddest thing is that he has kids and now they have no dad. :(

24hour streams are really bad for health

I don't think 24-hours is that bad as a one time thing, unless you have other underlying medical conditions. That is what I suspect happened.

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Yeah, heard this the other day. Shit's wild. Reminded me of a Smash player who had a heart failure during his match at the Swedish Smash tourney, Beast 7.
Get active every once in a while, eat as best you can, and sleep on a proper schedule folks. Sedentary lifestyles kill and you don't have to be a neckbeard stereotype for it to happen to you. 

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