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Biscuits, Cookies, Cake, SUGAR


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I prefer cakes that have some sort of berry in them. Raspberries are my favourite. Cakes with creams with chipped chocolate pieces and whole strawberries? Also noms. I'm not as good around sugary stuff as I once was, so I don't eat more than one slice before almost puking it back up, but damn. That still makes my mouth water!

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Lokum in all quantities.

I have this dirty secret... I love turkish sweets.


That Lokum, or Turkish Delight is making my mouth water! A company in the United States called Liberty Orchards makes two different types. One has just pieces of apple and apricot in them, which they call Aplets and Cotlets. The other type has various nuts, herbs and flavorings in them. The only time I seem to be able to purchase them is near Christmas though. I would have that stuff in a tin year round if I could find it. And with all the international population of Houston, Texas, one would think I could find it. I can't but then I do not go to markets where I cannot read the packages because they are in a language or use an alphabet I don't recognize.



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