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Let me draw you, sempai


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Winter holidays began and I'm already down with a cold (fucking loser, lel).

So ... Drawing! Throw your beautiful faces here, will mutilate them as we can.

But remember!

- It can take forever;

- There is no guarantee that you will be selected;

- Only simple line art of your fabulous face, cuz my skills are meh.

You can do anything you want with this works, I will not post them anywhere except this thread.

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hooray! Vitaly-kun is doing arts!

I always forget to mention I dig your 'sona

I'll mix it up and throw my catile as a ref instead. She's either a drakitty or a horny toad/bearded dragin/cat.



special features of note:

*horns on top of head

*ears always point down that way

*eyes are typically shut in a "^w^" style, but when open are banded as shown.

*has orange streak (like bearded dragons) from eye ti side if head

*(Not shown, design change) she has long hair to her shoulders that is light brown

*Two dark whiskers on each side of pink nose

*(optional) light yellow spikes folded under neck*

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