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New To Furry Fandom :3


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I just found out about this forum a couple of days ago, finally decided to join and say hello!  I'm also a new member to furry fandom in general, but so far I've met some really nice people in the community.  Things I love and also love talking about are video games, anime, dragons, writing, and most nerdy things in general ^^

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1 minute ago, Snagged Cub said:

I can't imagine how lucky you have been so far

But anyway, welcome. I can tell that this place is mostly pleasant and harmless

I might have had a pre-existing friend or three direct me in the right direction.  I've at least played bystander to some drama heh.

Thanks for the welcome!

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1 hour ago, Augmented Husky said:

Hi Alb and a warm welcome to the fandom ^_^

Internet cookies are on the Welcome table next to the Nom brownies :3

Sounds delicious, I'll help myself ^^

1 hour ago, LuckyOwlTheFictionCritic said:

Welcome, both to the site and the fandom. I'd give you the proper critic greeting by telling you your favorite movie's awful, but I'm occupied with Undertale at the moment. Anyways, we all hope you enjoy being a part of the community.

Thank you!  I should get back to that game myself as well.

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8 hours ago, DrDingo said:

Heyo, Angst!

I can't help but wonder whether your avatar is for Valentine's day or if it's more of a permanent thing.

At any rate, hello and welcome, dragon friend

It is indeed for Valentine's Day, I'll probably use it for the rest of the month since I like it so much.

Thanks and hello to you too dingo friend!

7 hours ago, Saxon said:

Hello there. 

Hello ^^

4 hours ago, Revates said:

Welcome to Phoenix Alb! Hope you meet more people here.

Thanks, as do I!

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