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Africans dont eat bananas.


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Well i am here to debunk that cliche.

Most people in africa dont really eat bananas because they dont grow in our climate zone.

The bananas grow along the coast where rainforests are because of the ocean humidity.

Same with melons. Our ground is too dry for the plants.

Only the chicken one is true because we have many cocks and hens in africa.

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4 minutes ago, Sourdough said:

The title alone raped 'NOVA THREAD, NOVA THREAD' through my mind.

Then how do you explain this?


Checkmate atheists.

She wants to have bananagasm :v

She probably stole it.

7 minutes ago, Saxon said:

I thought you were German?

I am austrian xD

I was born in austria and my parents come from west africa.

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