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Hi my name is Careless and I used to frequent FAF for a while and then Weasyl and then Things Happened and I didn't really feel like coming back but I was talking with Ley recently about stuff and she recommended I came back if only for the discord chat so here I am I guess I probably won't post here a lot but if I'm going to be involved in the chats here then I might as well have an archived reference of who I am in this forum idk

Here you go

My name is Careless and my pronouns are Kit/Kits but She/Her is fine too. I'm hella disabled (Psychotic spectrum, Disorganized thoughts, PTSD, EDS)

I'm a published author of a bunch of existential fiction you've never read. My style is heavily descriptivist, taking inspiration from impressionism and neoimpressionism to focus on the tonality and shape of words rather than their literal meaning

I'm catkin. My main interests are mostly involved in the aesthetic, I like cold pallet pastel and neon aesthetics the most, or basically anything that heavily features pink or purple. My favourite music genres are mallsoft, glo-fi, ambient hip-hop, dreamwave and chillwave

and idk I guess that's it

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