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Friendly Greeting

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2 hours ago, DrDingo said:

Your whale shark is really cute. Good job

Also, hi

and welcome to Peenix


Awww, thank ya!

2 hours ago, willow said:

oh cool, more sharks. and a German fur too? welcome :0

we have a Discord chat for the forums if you're interested. just PM a mod for the invite

Are there more of us in here (Ger Furs I mean)?

2 hours ago, Rhíulchabán said:

Welcome to the site, if you're a friend of Lucy's you're probably pretty cool, so glad to have you on board!

Watch out for us birds though, we have a penchant for eating fish ;)

I'm failry sure im too big for most birds, to actually be in danger by any of them. (biggest Fish in the Pond!)

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4 minutes ago, AzraelRhincon said:

Are there more of us in here (Ger Furs I mean)?

Yep, there's at least two other germans in here: Joshi and shiy0


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I feel like somebody smashed open an aquarium exhibit and now all these sea creatures are coming in.

What's hilarious is my non-furry friend joked he'd have an octopus sona.

Now I am terrified it's going to become prophetic.


Anyway, welcome to the forums, I hope you find yourself at home here and you have a blast!

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