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Hi there!

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Hi there!

About Me

Hello! I'm Lavender! I am female, and I'd describe myself as friendly, creative, and funny. I love telling jokes (and have an unquenchable love for puns) and making people smile and laugh. I live by the motto 'love and be loved.' I, however, am rather shy and awkward when it comes to social situations, as I am rather sheltered. My hobbies include writing, drawing, playing video games, and reading/watching horror related things. My music tastes are rather inclusive--I mainly listen to David Bowie (I would consider myself an enthusiast, I have a collection of memorabilia and everything) and Social Repose. (Lovely Mother Moth.) 

Furry Stuffs 

I joined this website to talk to like-minded people without having to disguise my true self. I have felt connected to animals since a very young age, and I have recently began exploring the furry community as an outlet. This is my first step in joining this spectacular community. I haven't yet created a fursona, so I may need some guidance. I am, however, leaning towards a Hyena, due to my love for laughter. 


Well, I think that's it! It is nice to meet you all!

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2 minutes ago, Feelwell the Rabbit said:

Hey, welcome! I'm sure you'll find yourself right at home here! It's quite a friendly and helpful community, and a great place to start exploring the fandom.

Happy posting!

Indeed this place is friendly and helpful. ...

1 hour ago, LazerMaster5 said:

Get out while you can.

Once you are infected with the furry virus, there is no going back.

... Sometimes too helpful. :V


No, in all seriousness, welcome, have fun, and if you need help, ask. :3

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Hey there, and welcome! Cute avi, at first, I thought maybe it was a Fossa! A bit related to the Hyena, and also the mongoose.

Also a huge Bowie fan, here. What's your favorite few albums? It's hard to pick one, but I really love Hunky Dory and Low.

Hope ya have fun here!

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