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Glowing Glass

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A good friend with loads of creativity and skill. I believe he is very unique in this fandom and has an air of mystery to him to a degree. He is ever vigilant in his work, personal and professional. 

I think part of him wants to reach out more but is hesitant. (As most of us probably feel) Overall he is a very good person and anyone willing should get to know him more.

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3 hours ago, Snagged Cub said:

A friendly and compassionate person and a great forum game buddy who deserves more good things in his life

Oh wait, this isn't compliment the user above thread? (but this thread could still use more visibility and replies) 

The difference here is you don't have to just compliment them. Pointing out a person's faults (in a constructive and gentle way) can tell more about a person sometimes.

(Skip me)

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