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Upcoming games 2015


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Xenoblade Chronicles X tickles my fancy more than anything (GIANT ROBOTS! :D), but I'm also looking forward to Fallout 4 and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

I haven't played a Mystery Dungeon game yet. Might need to pick that one up.

You really should. They're basically Pokemon with a good story.

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Triforce Heroes for sure. Being able to play it online with friends makes me very excited for it. ...Now all I need is friends!

Maybe Super Mystery Dungeon; I skimmed through the soundtrack and it's phenomenal. I considered getting both Gates to Infinity and Etrian Mystery Dungeon... I think this game will be the tipping point to get me into the series.

I'd also be looking forward to Star Fox Zero, but it was delayed. I wonder what sort of state the game is in right now... maybe there's like Sonic 06 levels of glitchiness. Yikes.

Shit was that releasing this year? HYPE

Pokemon Go's 2016.

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I'm not even on top of what games will be coming out. I guess I'm looking forward to Fallout 4, but I don't have it preordered nor do I really keep track of the release date. It's one of those games that I know I will pour a lot of hours into, but I guess I've been turned off from preordering or buying on day one, so I'm just going to wait and see what people say.

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