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I decided I'm going to try giving a weekly pupdate (sry not sry). Week two has already started for these lil' buggers, and it should be a few more day until their eyes open. I still have not yet determined all their genders yet, just because I don't wish to disturb them as well as Lady will get really restless when I try to pick one up. It's her first litter so I guess I can't really blame her.

(trigger warning: large file size, I chose to use a real camera instead of my phone's)


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So, the pups' eyes have opened, but because they're still only a couple weeks old they sleep a lot and I haven't snapped a pic of this yet (I don't wanna be an asshole and wake 'em up just for the sake of pictures). They still squirm around and give off those cute little puppy whimpers. Also, it's four boys and two girls. So have a pile of puppies.


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3 hours ago, Sourdough said:

Thank you for the pile of puppies.

At last, a rival to #ChunkLife! @Gamedog you have some competition for best thread on the forum.

Its not competition if its the puppy lifespan subforum :v


...I need to make a thread like this now, where can I find a puppy

Also Zorro, I think, roughly speaking if the pups are beagle and dachshund you can call them doxles :P

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The puppers' eyes are open and they're starting to try to use their legs. We have found three of them out of the box attempting to explore my dad's office. The mother is also trying to wean them off her milk, so I'll be picking up stuff tonight after work to help feed them. Here we have an active pupper pile.

Taking these photos makes me squeal like a little girl.



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They're exploring shit like crazy now, mostly climbing out and attacking my dad's feet under his office chair, so there's some old appliance boxes blocking the way so he doesn't accidentally roll over them.


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3 hours ago, Mikazuki Marazhu said:

can you really take care of them all? With how small my apartment is, I'd sell them :V


2 hours ago, Gamedog said:

Hey Zorro,


not sure what you're planning on doing with these puppies but I figured I'd share this info just so you are aware for when they get older


I will not be keeping all of them, when they reach about 8 weeks I'll be giving them away. We're going to keep at least one, and it was decided we'll be keeping the one that no one takes. I've already got a couple people lined up to take one when they're ready. I'm still working on finding homes for the rest. I already have five dogs, turning it up to eleven would be a little too crazy.

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I missed last week's pupdate due to redoing the floor for their space (they tore the carpet apart so we put some tile down). I will try to take more pictures for the next one, because it will likely be their last one. :c

Anyhoozle, they're a scampering mess and it's fucking adorable god damn it. They're such a playful little bunch I could sit and watch these little monsters for hours. So I took pictures of them while they were outside, and trying to keep them together long enough to get a good picture was pretty difficult. These are the only ones out of like twenty where I managed to get a decent shot.





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