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Things that just make you facepalm


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Jeff the Killer-

While I've never read the (almost memetically) reviled Twilight, it can't be worse-written than this. Scratch that - the lovechild of Twilight and My Immortal would make more sense.

For those that haven't read it, Jeff the Killer opens with a parent trying to protect a child (you know, the situation that causes parents to gain absurd amounts of strength and determination, etc) being incapacitated by a stab from a little pen knife (even though people fighting for their own lives, never mind their children's, have been undetterred by numbers of stabs well into double digits) and pretty much everything after makes even less sense.

Back when that old King vs Rowling vs Meyer poll was made, at least one person commented that Meyer was still overrated as an author - even with just around 6% of votes, they reasoned even one person claiming her as being better than the other two was too many.

Similarly, that even one person was legitimately scared by Jeff the Killer is too many.

Creepypasta sycofans-

Go to the comments of a creepypasta that has obvious plotholes, and its likely you'll see at least person argue "maybe [something the story never even alludes to]".

Crazy Naruto shippers-

Specifically, the ones who enjoyed hundreds of chapters of that series, petitioned to have it banned because they didn't like the canon pairings.



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On 09/02/2017 at 7:04 PM, Lopaw said:

One of the people in my thermodynamics class during a lesson about combustion, stoichiometric fuel:air ratios and the rankine cycle asked if coal burnt.

One student, who passed his thermo course, tried to convince me that you could power your house for a day by cycling for an hour on a generator, because he'd 'read about it on the internet'.

Even though the total amount of energy that it would take just to cook a chicken would greatly exceed the total amount of energy spent cycling.


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All of the people that fall for the "homemade bleach pregnancy test". Just look it up on Youtube and prepare to be amazed.

Basically, these people pee in a cup and them mix it with bleach to determine if they are pregnant. If it foams up a lot, "they're pregnant". Little do they realize, this releases CHLORINE GAS. They never seem to accept that this is dangerous and tell people to chill out in the comments and stuff because it worked for them or someone they know who was pregnant at the time.

I first came across this in a video I can't seem to find anymore. The woman was in the bathroom with her son, with two cups in front of her. The cups contained her piss and her son's piss. So, here she is pouring bleach into the cups and hovering in close with the camera to get the details. Not quite satisfied with the results, she decides to pour a bunch of more bleach into them to see the reaction, while her and her son stand around it, inhaling the shit. Almost everyone in the comments calls her an idiot and tells her what she's actually doing, but she just completely blows them off and comments to the people who also believe and inquire about the test..

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