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Embarrasing moments


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Did you ever do something or happened to you that was embarrasing than POST IT HERE.

hmm Well I was in cinema with my mom and a good friend of her.

So i had nachos with salsa and was able to cover my hand accidently with it .

During the movie i thought the  person next to me is that friend of my mom and wanted to tell her something and accidently smeared salsa all over her lap.

When the movie ended i saw that the friend sat somewhere else  and the person i smeared salsa on was a stranger.

Also I farted once in my class.

Tell your moments here.


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In elementary school when we were walking in line to go to class I sneezed in my hands, it was straight up covered in the most snot I've seen in my life. I wasnt anywhere near a sink or bathroom at the time, I was stuck there, in line with probably other students watching contemplating what to do with a handful of snot, eventually I just wiped it on my pants because what else could I do. From that day forward I always sneezed into my shoulder instead.

I also walked into a pole once while walking in line, I was looking straight forward too so I mustve been really dazed and confused

In 5th grade I peed at the library

In middle school I kept staring at these kids unintentionally because I was trying to look behind them.

In middle school again I sat at a table and the kids on there moved so I sat alone at the table...that was the day we were doing group projects so I was the only one without a group.

In high school I avoided people and sat alone at lunch and classes for about two years of my life

In high school a kid asked me to copy my homework and the teacher punished both of us

In high school I accidentally flirted with a black kid without realizing it by saying I prefer chocolate cupcakes (He would make jokes about being black himself a lot hence the race joke)

In college I accidentally took my job as leader of a group to seriously and sat at the front of the classroom when I didnt need to.

Today I walked too close to a register when it wasnt my turn to checkout mainly because I wanted to see if we were next but it turned out this old lady was at the end of her purchase and she thought I stole her credit card because I was holding my card in my hand



TL;DR My entire life

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Every single moment ever when I say I'm good at something and the moment I try to demonstrate it to someone else I fail miserably.

I'm an introvert-like, observant, and over aware person at times so I tend to stare at people when I'm not busy which in school is basically constantly and I feel like a weirdo when I see someone catch me staring at them. I don't even know why I stare at people sometimes, I just do.

The times where I'm in a quiet class and suddenly my stomach decides to attempt to replicate the sound of thunder.

Whenever I fall asleep but I know I'll be busy again soon I stay partially awake and going into dreamland I'll say or do something weird and do it irl too and when I wake up for whatever reason I know I did something weird but don't know what and Id look around to see people staring at me.

why I'm not treated like an outcast at this point is beyond me

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Oh, so once I was reallllly out of it.

Like really, really out of it. I came out of the room my computer is in, and the dog had decided to lay in the stack (now a pile) of clothes that were to be washed. She knows not to do it and we're supposed to shoo her away.

Thankfully no one was there to notice, because I apparently found that so hysterical I broke out in uncontrollable giggling and slid down the doorframe to the floor.

By this point, even the dog looked concerned. 

Looking back, soooorta embarassing, but thankfully no one was there.

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