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QT Melon

Entertain me my puppets, I might sculpt your character

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I am entertaining the possibility of sculpting a person's character in zbrush. I just want to see what people have that might inspire me. So be my muse and see if you have a character that interests me.

Visit my thread in Palette Town to see what sculpts I've done so far. I'm still learning Zbrush.


If you got an orthographic sheet that may be great, but not required.

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You get impressive results absurdly fast with your sculpting! I would be very interested to see what you could do with one of my characters. After looking over your thread, I think I would be very interested in seeing what you can do with my Dr. Gravitas character. As it happens, my reference renders were even done in the orthographic viewpoint in Maya:



As for being entertaining, please enjoy this programming-related joke comic:


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Don't worry guys I've been watching the thread and submissions so keep going :)  I'm just putting stuff on a list so I can keep busy with ideas and things to do as I learn

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Sounds neat! I remember seeing your sculpts on Discord, they're quite nice.
Not sure which character to suggest, hope you don't mind if I list more than one. Unfortunately only the last one has an actual ref/orthographic views.
Felix (Red Panda/Visayan Spotted Deer hybrid)

Anne (Generic Amphibian/Salamander Thing)
Pic 2

CrackerJack (Piñata Donkey)

As for entertainment, have something dumb:
And something neat!

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