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Complain to the previous poster that something he or she did or did not do has somehow inconvenienced you. Some examples:

I ordered a computer from you 2½ years ago. How come it hasn't shipped yet?

I bought an Xbox One from you this morning and it caught fire the moment I plugged it in. I demand a refund.

I got food poisoning from the food I ate at your restaurant last night.

Note that my examples assume that the previous poster operates some sort of business. The actual posts don't have to, though.

Next poster, what is your complaint about me?

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Your complaint has been received, filed, and is being processed. Please expect 3-6 months for processing while I complain about you calling my complaint department to complain about replies received from the complaint department.


(Seriously, though, I have no idea how the rules of this game work.)

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There is an error in the section of 58C of the official complaint application (ID: 256N) you have submitted. The reason for error being is that the applicant left the section blank. Your application is null and void and has been terminated, shredded and finally, incinerated. Next time, please read every 136 pages carefully and fill all necessary info so that the poor employees here don't have to read dozens of pages of info only to be met with this. 

With regards

Bureau of mundane things 

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