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15 hours ago, Azurex said:

Gotta give the guy props. He's an indie dev that found a formula that just works, and he milked it for all it had and now he's living it up

That said, I'm sick of the series and I just want it to die already

Basically...it's a choice between "Hm...do I want my popular fad of a game to fade away as one single game that most people played as a small-scale legend and will look fondly back at some point in the future as that one decent and playable game they played once, or do I want to shove it into franchise status so people keep playing my consecutive games simply because the characters and concepts are familiar and some people will keep playing those and I dont have to work on anything new different, or better"

I envy the money that came of it, at least.

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Oh it's a book...honestly can't say I was expecting that

Although ignoring the fact that I like the stupid thing for a second, I still can't get why people get so pissy about it. I mean I know we live in this retarded culture where everyone has to earn 'cool points' by never shutting up about how much they hate random shit, but I just don't understand it. Like shit dude, there's nothing wrong with not liking something but people who make it their life's mission to piss and moan about how horrible some random thing is are literally worse than any fandom. Just just ignore it like an actual adult.

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not sure why he's going the book format...you can't really put loud noises and animatronics in at unexpected times in a book. seeing as that's all there really is to the series, not sure what he'll try to do with "words" and "coherent plotlines"

maybe the audiobook will sell a little better..

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12 minutes ago, willow said:

I only really like watching Let's Plays of it and MatPat's videos, other than that I don't really care for the games that much or the ridiculous amount of hype. however, what I find even more ridiculous is people's constant need to complain about the series.

More or less.

The way I see it is this. If you can honestly look at this guy and say "yep I can sympathize", kill yourself.

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