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Cool Cat Saves the Kids: "The Room" for Furries


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There are bad movies, and then there are bad movies FOR CHILDREN.

I'd love to hold a riffing party with this flaming pile of garbage as the main centerpiece.

Plot: Giant orange anthro cat lives in the L.A. suburbs with his human dad (film director, producer, screenwriter, and former male stripper Derek Savage) and cat mother, and helps his kid friends cope with a small, fat, androgynous bully who sends people mean anonymous text messages, spraypaints people's for sale signs, and plans to flash a gun at school in order to steal people's lunch money. Co-starring Vivica A. "Sharknado" Fox and Erik "There He Is" Estrada. Through this video, kids will learn valuable lessons like:

  • Always open strange text messages, because maybe you won money
  • Don't run in the street (unless you're Cool Cat, and then ride like the motherfucking wind, Bullseye.)
  • If you see a gun, witness a crime, or encounter a bully, tell an adult. That adult will then blithely comment on what's going on without intervening, or will inform everyone *but* the police or school authorities.
  • If a classmate has a gun, run TOWARDS the action!
  • Green screens work just like holodecks
  • Starsky and Hutch's car is way cooler than the Mystery Machine
  • Anything becomes cool if you say the word "cool" enough.
  • Bullies can be identified by their fatness and their conspicuous lack of friends.
  • Kids who spraypaint mailboxes just didn't get enough love.

Hats off to Your Movie Sucks for a hysterical joke about furries:




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11 hours ago, Zeke said:

I heard Mr. Savage was trying to get this and others pulled for "Stealing" his work.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't savor the irony of a guy who produced books and educational films about bullying morphing into a bully himself in the face of criticism.

Getting into a flamewar with I Hate Everything increased the negative visibility of Cool Cat tenfold. Geeks who probably would've otherwise rolled out the ironic red carpet for Derek Savage now think he's a dick as a result of this online slappy fight. 

At least we got a COOL DANCE JAM out of it:


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