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More Controversial Topics?


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I noticed... Well,  a lot of us have noticed that this forum is way slower than how FAF used to be mainly because: 1) There are no users coming from a mainsite (we don't have one) and 2) There aren't enough topics that all of us get involved in. 

Just wondering,  should we have more debates on the site to make it a tad less... boring? Just to compensate for how slow this site can be. 

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2 minutes ago, Recel said:

Wouldn't do any harm. Might even turn out to be interesting.

But currently it doesn't seem like anyone really wants to make a serious topic.

I mean it doesn't have to be too serious. Or it doesn't have to be in the line of politics.  It could just be something trivial like: Software vs Hardware. 

@Luka , I guess that could be something to talk about. Activity in general should be good. 

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I tend to avoid heated debates myself, unless it's something I feel very strongly about. Any of the serious posts lately have ended up quite heated, so it's a turnoff.

Honestly though, I like the pace of the forum just fine. I can take a couple days off and not miss a ton. Couldn't get away with that on FAF if ya wanted to stay current. Luckily I didn't care much, was more of a lurker. I've enjoyed most of my time here so it is a bummer sometimes to come back after a couple days and find out I missed something interesting.

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Is this forum not dramatic enough already? Sure some new arriving faces with infamous reputations being made for us to laugh at would be interesting but we thus far have the great poll epidemic of late 2015, the Rassah v. Ashley (and friends) debate on wealth, the shipping that's steadily rising now, the official buck watersports/scat threads that opened the epidemic floods (excuse my puns), and speaking of puns, I can always count on Vaer and other users for your dose of weeby reaction gifs, 6tails created his kitsunekitchen live stream, dev hosts FRETV, and now there's discord chat


We've created tons of random memes and community here, and surprisingly this is all from users migrating from a dead site. Very strange and amusing phenomenon.

this forum is certainly not dull. Not yet anyways, the future is uncertain but then isn't it always?

Plenty of debate and drama (and over stupid topics, no less) as is, why wish for more?

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I tried to make an intelligent discussion topic. So far it's civil and untrolly, people are responding with good thoughts and not moronicness. Bets on how long it will last? That's always a huge issue really, topics that start out ok derail into a troll fest... and the forum likes it that way I guess. I don't personally, but that's just me.

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I have a controversial topic for you. Feel free to post a thread and get a discussion going:

Anonymous decentralized assassination markets. We now have ways for people to send, donate, or bet money competent anonymously *coughbitcoincough*, a way to prove that a text that you wrote before was indeed yours without revealing what the text was, and for funds to be donated to an account Kickstarter style, but where those funds can't be seized of frozen by anyone until the campaign reaches a certain date and either succeeds, or fails and refunds money automatically.

With these technologies, you could start a Kickstarter style campaign or bet, that some person will be killed (or less sensationalist, their property such as car will be destroyed). People from around the world can donate small amounts of as little as a dollar to this fund, completely anonymously. The money in that fund isn't being held by anyone. It's just there, in the cloud. Then, someone wishing to collect the funds, can write "Mr. X will trip and fall out of a balcony around this date," and lock the proof of that text with a cryptographic key, where people know some key was created, but not what for. Then, days later, when Mr. X mysteriously falls off the balcony, this someone can publish the text and the matching key anonymously, proving they were responsible, and have the fund pay out to them automatically and anonymously too.

In short, we're about a year or two from people being able to fundraise someone's demise, without any laws, police, or governments being able to do anything about it. There are tons of potential interesting implications from this, but it would be interesting to hear other people's take, or debates about this.

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4 hours ago, Onnes said:

Without controversial topics I think this forum would be almost exclusively Forum Games, Shitposts, and threads about tvshows/movies/games that I'm entirely uninterested in.

5 hours ago, Sourdough said:

More topics in general that leave room for actual discussion would be nice. The thing about being controversial on the internet is that it always degenerates to 'fuck you'.


this about sums up my thoughts, and i'd only like to add that i try to use these to gain perspective, so when it's usually just the same deliberation of over-aggression and under information, i want to leave and get left in a slew of topics that don't pertain to me.

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