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R-Something: Ramen Pizza


Will pizza ramen be the next big thing?  

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  1. 1. Will pizza ramen be the next big thing?

    • No
    • HELL NO
    • Comedy third option
    • WolfNight is crazy and should sleep

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 Couldnt decide between pizza or ramen so Im making both.

Pizza. Ramen.

I know SOME people (you know who you are) have been shocked and horrified at this suggestion.

But you know what???? You all are doubters! Naysayers! Im telling you its a revolutionary foodvention. I bet they thought the nacho guy was crazy too. I bet they thought Earl of Sanwich was some freak.

Today I change history, I am making it as we speak.

To be updated

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Exhibit A:  Ramen


Exhibit B: Pizza 

(Homemade with tortilla flour, tomato sauce, and cheese)


...and now, I shall make like the hybrid I am and combine these two


2 minutes ago, Yarra said:


Dont have any :(

Well...except those tiny ones growing with our plants. Wonder what those will do

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It actually tasted...good.

I ate both pizzas with ramen on it. Both of them.

I was able to do it without curling in revulsion. Because I am a genious who makes genious things.

Okay maybe Im just really hungry and Im not tasting so much as eating...but still.

I had a craving for both so I did it. I made it happen. This is a heartwarming and lifelong lesson for everyone out there, sure to be a cult classic

So how do I describe the taste? Ramen Pizza.

10/10 would make again

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