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The Like System


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The mods discussed this over on this thread here:


The reason this site has limits for them is because it's displayed as 'user rep' and wasn't designed to be abused.

Notably though, the cap used to be 10 and was raised to 30 after the problem was brought up.

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It's been driving me nuts for weeks.

I appreciate tons of Great Posts™️ around here, but I can't show it because I have to conserve my precious 30 and I STILL run out.

Everyone go storm the thread in Site Discussions and avenge our Posters.

Together we shall be victorious.

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Maybe we should make it to where you can't "like" stuff in the forum games like it was on good ol' FAF, then maybe people would have less to waste their likes on.   Posts there don't raise your post count, so being able to like posts there skews the post-to-like ratio.

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