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Is it normal to feel scared on your b-day?

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Or maybe not scared but just anxious? Progress in general tends to make me feel that way. Excitement for the future but fear over what lies next. If you even have another birthday the next year? Things have been fairly good in my life so far but I just cant help but think that at a new age, if things change with that age: for better or for worse

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Hahaha actually when I hit my birthday this year, I turned to my close friend beside me in science class, and said:

"Holy shit dude. Next year I'm going to be seventeen."

Actually held quite a bit of weight when we thought on it. I can see being anxious, but you can't stop aging Dev. Take it as it comes, refusing to adapt won't help. Time is a hell of a lot more implacable than you are.

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i feel annoyed on my birthdays cause it makes people pay slightly more unwanted attention to me

and people on facebook i barely know wish me happy birthday and i feel obliged to say thankyou even tho i want them to leave me alone

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What Im reading im this thread is calming me down. Not feelijg as anxious as before and its only one hour till I officially age up. Im ready

2 hours ago, #00Buck said:

Are you going to get surprise birthday sex? 

Unfortunately naaaah. Hopefully just Popeyes and cookie cake at least tho :P

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Given that it marks being one year closer to one's demise, it seems reasonable enough, especially as time ticks away...

I tend to like to just have a nice meal out, then go home, and see how long me and my mate can go at it. I suppose I'm the romantic sort.

I do like a big party, just not on my birthday.

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