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How do I tell my dog he is adopted?


How do I tell Buddy he's adopted?  

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  1. 1. How?

    • While playing stick just kinda drop it on him.
    • Give him a treat first.
    • Let him "accidentally" discover the evidence.
    • Adopt another dog. He'll figure it out.
    • Pull him to the side for a heartfelt conversation.
    • You are gay.
    • I am gay.
    • Don't do it- ignorance is bliss.

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I've had my buddy dog for 3 years now. He's great. He knows how to sit and shake and lay down. His favorite toy is a big rope.

But for 3 years, I have not had the guts to tell him the truth.

He's adopted.

How do I tell dogson the nice black dog he plays with sometimes is his brother. And the other nice black dog is his momma? I just... I don't know how to do it.

Pic related it's my dog.


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Just tell him, he will be relieved.  Currently he thinks he's a real boy and needs to start his formal education soon.  I have it on good authority that his math and language are way blow normal, not to mention his poor handwriting and tendency to lick himself.  He's concerned that he'll struggle in school and everyone will make fun of him.  If you let him know that he's adopted (and a dog) he can stop worrying about disappointing you.

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You should have told him immediately and brought it up every day. Then when he does something wrong you can guilt him by reminding him that you didn't have to adopt him but the pound would have killed him if you didn't. Threaten to send him back for extra effect.


Oh. Just say, "Look, it's obvious that you've started to notice that pretty girl across the street. You're getting older now, and before long you be all grown up. It's about time we had a talk.

That's your mom.


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