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April Fools' Day Elsewhere on the Internet


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There's r/place in reddit that started out as an empty white canvas where owl usefurs can every 10 minutes contribute to by adding one colored pixel at a time to the painting. Memes, flags, slogans, video game characters, art, monuments, vandalism and random baloney. Perfect place to summarize reddit


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If you make sure your google maps app is updated on your phone, you can play miss pacman in various places of the world, with the roads becoming the paths miss pacman can go down. Hint: you have to swipe in the direction you want to go BEFORE you reach that road... which makes it hard to play if roads are close together.

Turns out Google Maps on the computer has miss pacman as well.


Also, Google's self driving bike:

Okay that's last year's, but still funny.

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