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Ugh! Come on, brain!


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Why is it when I write, I'm always hung up on every single sentence I make?

"Is this word good enough?"

"No, that sentence is too short."

"Too long"

"What noun should I start this sentence with?"

Etc, etc

I'm writing a request for a friend right now and I feel like i get stuck every few minutes cause I want to make sure its perfect and its making the writing of this story longer than it has to be >:( then when I feel I'm completely stuck I just flop onto the bed feeling like a failure and mentally putting myself down saying how much of a shit writer I am. Once I get out of that rut, I realize its too late for me to think properly so I just watch Youtube till I fall asleep.

This is a natural thing that happens to me when I write sometimes and sooner or later I get out of it, but damn if it isn't frustrating to go through

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Having a mug of hot milk can be quite relaxing. Maybe sitting down for 10 or 20 minutes whilst having a mug might help you clear your head when you get into one of these mental states? I've done it a few times when I get frustrated with schoolwork and it usually works.


And hey, even if it doesn't totally work it still tastes nice. c:

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