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Oh god, let's try this.


I thought it would be NEAT if I drew a lot of characteristics from the forums and we made a CLOSED ORIGINAL SPECIES!!!! together.

In the comments below, please give me a characteristic! for instance:

Dog Ears or Gooey Hair.

and I will try to incorporate it into a CLOSED ORIGINAL SPECIES!!!! just for you guys!

Some ideas for characteristics that might be needed:


After I get like 20 characteristics I will make it into our BRAND NEW CLOSED ORIGINAL SPECIES!!!!!

Also you can add whatever else if you can seriously think of something.

One per person (UNLESS ITS RLY GOOD.)


This may take awhile, I will be busy the next three days but I will be toiling away MAKING US A BABY DONT YOU WORRY.



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16 minutes ago, Newt said:

Sheep eyes.



Fun idea

YES. Best eyes.

6 minutes ago, WolfNightV4X1 said:

One mention per person? I'd say its fair to spread out the chances for suggestions so Im hesitant to make another one.

But if anyone else agrees, aye aye hands

I'm gonna say one mention per person. But you get this one because it's a good idea. YES

2 minutes ago, Alexxx-Returns said:

A penis for a nose (don't forget the balls)

Oh god. SURE OKAY.

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9 hours ago, 6tails said:

Short, wiry white fur with black tips where appropriate.


8 hours ago, Valery91Thunder said:

Four muscly, humanoid arms.


Alright we could add a couple more random things to it but this is a GOOD LIST I think all we need is legs and if I don't get legs I'll just use a platypus torso probably.

Have some classwork today before I can start working on this baby so anything you wanna add go for it!!!1



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