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RANT:Dont you hate that.....


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  • parents
  • friends
  • the chronic getting up/sitting down people
  • tards that fuck around on their phones then ask "wait what's going on?"
  • the "hey pause this, I gotta go do X/Y/Z" people

seriously just sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, turn your phone off, and watch the damn movie, it's not that hard of a fucking concept.

when people start doing that shit and I rented the movie, i'll just pop it out and watch it in another room, when they complain they'll get a nice bitching at.

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i only ever watched 2 things on television with my parents. i used to watch murder she wrote when i was a kid with my mom, and every year we were in america and if dad was around the whole fam would watch the super bowl. makes me sorta realize that none of us are tv people really, its more for noise so i can sleep, or something that i mock ceaselessly when i do pay attention to it. like infomercials, why are people buying those things? how long will they keep trying to sell the nu wave oven? i mean really, getting 2 ovens, the ripoff smoothie blender, the larger ripoff blender, some dodgy knives or something, and FREE SHIPPING TOO? All for only not eight, not seven, but six payments of 49.99 39.99 plus shipping and handling(these are the SAME THING GODDAMMIT). Call in the next 10 minutes or this deal is gone forever! there is just no way that is a kosher deal. 

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The theater i go to now has huge plush reclining seats, food services, bar service and a full blown living room setup down in front with a couch. it's the comfiest fuckin' place but i go there simply because there's no kids. it's a 21+ joint. Only problem is, the seats in the back with the reclining function have optional ottomans tucked underneath. if at any point during the movie somebody wants to use one, move one, gets up, bumps one or even thinks about on, the feet rumble across the floor like a fuckin' trumpet being blown by a noisy (albeit talented) elephant.

i had the big shocking moment in StarWars completely ruined by a loud, blaring

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