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The next form of physical media?


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Well, it's going to be digital eventually, once the Hollywood lightens up with DRM and the US finally decides to make DVD ripping legal, but you're asking about phys media so........

I don't personally think DVD/Blu-Ray is going anywhere for a while, but as far as the next possible media format? I think it would make sense for it to be flash-based. Little memory sticks that you jab right into your tv set. Handy, durable, compact, sensible.

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Well I'm already seeing USB sticks that are smaller than a button being used for storing up to 16GB of media content, so we'll most likely just see a permanent

shift to online sales of media due to cheaper costs and increase in internet usage "e.g Steam"  and people will just download it all to their memory devices for the physical transfer of data.


Either way, goodbye CD's & DVD's.

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Physical mediums will always be a thing. I mean, your digital media needs to be stored somewhere, right? :V

Although I think that consumer tech will go all digital and physical storage will be exclusive to enterprise usage and exchangeable storage like memory cards. 3D flash memory seems to be the way to go for desktop stuff.

Although they did show a glass disc that can store terabytes of data. But that thing seems to be more for archives because it's suppose to survive far longer than any other storage mediums.

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Every home will have a central data storage device that they can connect to wirelessly with future models of smartphones, and they will purchase digital goods in person and then go home and stuff them on that.


I completely made that up but it seems feasible unless almost every single home has a stable high-speed internet connection in the same way they have water and electricity, in which case everything will just go straight on their family storage device and the world of game/movie/software stores ends forever.

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Being on the cloud just means it's on a server somewhere else. Everything we see here still exists on physical media. Network diagrams use a little picture of a cloud to represent the greater web outside of one's LAN. This eventually became known as "The Cloud".

I agree that personal physical media is on its way out, but it's debatable whether creators have more control of their content when it's hosted on somebody else's hardware. More exposure and access to useful tools, perhaps, but not necessarily more control.

16 hours ago, 6tails said:

We have NAND Flash for this decade.

Next decade we should finally see phase-change materials for flash memory.

This looks promising.

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