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"Just drink the pois-wine."

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-sispicious wine in hand--Hey guys, I'm Smoaer. I'm a long time furry. I draw some...a little.... a lot of art. Lately I been trying some new stuff. Like talking to the community:3.  I hope I did not make a terrible choice..... -Takes a chug of the suspicious wine-

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Hey broski. Welcome to the forums. I'm a mod here and if you need anything please just beep me to help ya out. There's lots of fun things to do, and our art section has a nice, steady pace. We also have a public discord channel, if you feel like chats are also your thing. you're welcome to PM me if you'd like in.

I like to think we're a friendly bunch. Enjoy your stay :)

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Welcome Smoaer, that's an interesting username you have! I must admit I had to scroll up multiple times to read it, so I could spell it. x3

Hope you enjoy your stay on Phoenixed Forums! :3

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