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Mini-Update 2016-09-19


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A minor change has been made to forum staffing.  Zeke is still a forum admin, but I am a forum admin now as well.  The change required to make this happen resulted in a change in how our roles are displayed when we post.

Our primary duties are still the same as the rest of the forum mods, and no policy changes will happen as a result of my added responsibilities.  The only thing that will change is increased responsiveness to forum admin tasks from the load being shared between us instead of borne entirely by one member of staff.

That's it for now.

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+1 for all mods and admins on Phoenix for doing a good job and actually thinking about decisions.

Lets all give a round of applause for the greatest mods ever.

*clap*                        *clap*           *clap*                    *clap*                               *clap*                      *clap*                  *clap* *clap*                  *clap*           *clap*                            *clap*                               *clap*                                *clap*                  *clap*                     *clap*                *clap*                    *clap*                               *clap*                      *clap*                  *clap* *clap*                  *clap*           *clap*                            *clap*                               *clap*                                *clap*                  *clap*

+2 for taking your own time to help Zeke take break.

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Also, despite our slightly specialized roles, we're still a team of an odd number of moderators (right now five) making decisions as equals.  Carenath is still site admin and as much as possible restricted in duties to keeping the site itself running smoothly, having delegated everything else about site operation to the moderator team.  That won't change.

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