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Typographic Logos


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1 minute ago, Enigma said:

That's pretty awesome looking. The style fits very well~


5 minutes ago, Feelwell the Rabbit said:

Oh neat, thanks!

These're actually pretty cool.



I'll have to see if something else catches my eye but here's some others I've already done for other people:




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13 minutes ago, DrGravitas said:

I was thinking more in the 'commission' line of thought. Can you do shapes/symbols/signs too? What image sizes can they be rasterized into?

I can do just about anything, most of my non-3D digital art is done as vectors. The problem, though, is I can't draw something without that specific spark. If an idea doesn't "click" with me nothing will happen, which is why I don't do commissions. Who knows, though -- throw some ideas around and maybe something will happen.





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