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Our local  smash group has a token rager by the name of oliver, I always have to play him in bracket and I always wind up fucking him up in obscene like invincible nipple spiking his firefox recovery and shit like that. There's actually a gif of me falcon punching him on stream, idk how ye didn't lose it then but I've definitely made him shout, curse, slam his fists on the table, and spike his controller before. I'll post it when I get home :P

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I broke 2 game CDs in anger when I was 6 or so because my brother spent too long playing them and I wanted to play them.

At the time we shared a  IBM that due to being meant for office (as opposed to home users) use was better than the compaqs and the like at the time. This being before the small PC part of IBM ended up as Lenovo and declined.

I later broke the PC by somehow running disk defragmenter and ending up with the PC seeing all drives as removable plus all files gone save for windows 98

If I had known those games would not wind up on steam or GOG I would never had broke them.

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Here's a running joke from League of legends community


The Na stands for North America

Cl in its natural form is a highly toxic gas and you even cleanse your swimming pools with it, you dirty bastards! 

Together they form common table salt, NaCl

Na region is the worst EleGiggle


Ps: Take this as a joke. There's an equivalent joke for EU and KR regions too

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