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Hi, my name is Cailin. Feel free to use any diminutive you'd like.

I'm a Shetland sheepdog and have been a furry for some time. I don't fursuit or attend conventions.

Feel free to send me a message if you want to talk, I enjoy meeting new people.

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4 hours ago, Cailin said:

I don't fursuit or attend conventions.


Majority of us don't either. It's an expensive hobby if you decide to fursuit or attend conventions. Many us are content without them so don't worry about it :)

With that being said, welcome to the alternative: The Phoenixed Forums. Stick around for a while please 

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Hello and welcome! I haven't seen many folks with Sheltie 'sonas, that's kinda neat. (Shelties actually happen to be one of my favorite dog breeds, so that's kinda cool.)
I think the majority of people here probably don't suit/go to conventions, actually. Nothing wrong with that!
Anyways, hope you enjoy your time here!

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